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[A week with no answers as to the circumstances of their arrival. Irritating. Luckily, he had some credits on him. He's not as well off as he would be if he could access all of his savings but there had been some money in his pockets. It puts him ahead of most of the new arrivals.

It also gives him a starting point. Mordin has been on Omega before. He's worked and lived here before. He knows the ins and outs of business here. He also still has contacts here--easily convinced that he is, in fact, still alive. No one pulls off Mordin, quite like Mordin.

The room behind him is neat and well-lit. The rooms beyond look like a terrible mess but there are one or two aliens scurrying about behind him that seem to be attempting to sort it out. Anyway, hello Omega, have an alien on your screen.]

Greetings. Professor Mordin Solus. Previously spent time on Omega. Successful salarian scientist and medical professional. Attack on Omega left shortage of facilities. New arrivals place strain on system in place. Wish to help in any way possible.

[He paces--Mordin is one of those people that always have to be in motion.]

Called in number of favors. Procured equipment necessary. Have reopened clinic in Gozu District. Hope to avert patient overcrowding during potential calamity. Location attached. Number of credits irrevelant. Will not turn patient in need away. Able to work out alternate method of payment.
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What kinda medicine do you practice, exactly?

[ Look, York's been gutted by dinosaurs, okay. Omega is just as dangerous, and she figures she ought to know about the medical facilities around here. Just in case. There could be dinosaurs here all bets are off. ]
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Yeah, I'm gettin' that.

[ She's side-eyeing Mordin a little, if only because he's so odd, but York doesn't know enough about this world to know if all of his kind are like that, or if Mordin's just unique. Either way, though, there's something a little familiar about the way he just rattles off facts -- it reminds her of Delta, sort of, in a weird way, and she can't help but grin a little. ]

I guess you must take care of gunshot wounds and shit like that a lot.
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Yeah, well, next time I need a band-aid, I'll be sure to come to you, doc.

[ The comment's in good humor, though, and she's sort of grinning. Okay, Mordin, she already kinda likes you. ]

So you were military before, huh? Mind if I ask what exactly the Special Tasks Group does?
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Hey, sounds like we've got somethin' in common, then. I was an infiltrations expert for the UNSC, back home. I'm no doctor, though.

[ York hasn't been here long enough to really get a read on all the different aliens here, but she's not all that surprised Mordin has some similar talents. He seems like the type, somehow. ]
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Oh, uh -- yeah, yeah, it's the human military. United Nations Space Command. [ man when even was the last time she spelled that out for somebody ] Definitely a different universe, anyhow. Back home, the aliens aren't so nice.
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Well, far as I can tell, you aren't all teaming up to wipe out human civilization, so I'm gonna call it a step up from what I'm used to. Hell, batarians are almost cute next to Grunts.

[ Almost. Not that York's crazy about batarians so far. ]

I'd be surprised if you recognized the name, though. I don't think most folks around here have heard of it.
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[ Whoa, whoa, forget the weird grunt and vorcha comments. York's face falls at the mention of the Reapers. ]

Wait a minute -- you're tellin' me there's a war on here, too?

[ what are the fucking odds ]
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Well, shit. And I thought it couldn't get worse than the Covenant.

[ Her face is grim, because suddenly the war back home sounds appealing. ]

Thanks for the heads up, doc.