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[The voice that comes through is hesitant at first, but hardens quickly. She sounds strained, hoarse, and like she's struggling to stay alert.]

This is Agent Carolina.

[A pause.]

Sorry, I'm not familiar with this hardware--

[She draws in a sharp breath, as though startled by something.]

I'm--in need of medical attention. And I need to reach UNSC command. Any help directing me to the appropriate channels would be appreciated.

[Her closing sounds almost automatic.]

Carolina out.
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[ A long shift at The Quad, and York's pretty ready to go home. Davrax has really got to hire some bouncers or something, because York's getting awful sick of breaking up bar fights. So she's entirely ready to go home and fall asleep watching a movie.

Until she all but runs into Carolina. A very injured and beaten-down-looking Carolina. Definitely not the Carolina she knows has been on the station for months. Somebody else. Somebody new. And definitely not in good shape. York approaches her immediately, calling out to her without thinking. ]

Son of a bitch -- Carolina? Jesus, what happened to you?
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[ Ah, Christ. Of course. It's always this schtick. York has a feeling it's not gonna go down especially well with this Carolina. She winces a little. ]

Yeah, uh, technically no, but technically also yes. I'm York, and yeah, I know, the York you knew's a guy. Trust me, I've heard it. You can freak out about it later. You, uh, look like you're in need of some serious medical attention.
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Man, nobody ever believes me at first.

[ It's muttered, mostly to herself. Sigh. Well, there's definitely no doubt this is Carolina now, at least. York doesn't know what happened that she came through the relay so battered and bruised, but she's sure she'll find out later. ]

Look, it doesn't matter who I am, all right? You're busted up pretty bad, and there's a clinic nearby. C'mon, I'll take you to it.
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[ Honestly, York was expecting more of a fight. Then again, Carolina must know she needs help. York lets out a relieved little breath, nodding. ]

C'mon, follow me. It's not far from here.

[ York starts to lead her toward the clinic, only a few minutes' walk a way, careful to keep stride with her so she doesn't lose her in the crowd. She can't help but try to sneak a few looks with her good eye at Carolina, try to assess her injuries. York can't ever remember a time when she looked like this, not even after their worst missions. ]
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[ York reaches out to catch her by the arm, to keep her steady. She keeps her grip light, though, letting go just as soon as Carolina looks like she's got her balance again. ]

Hey, you hear me say anything?

[ But it doesn't stop her from peering at her, at the bruises on her face and the tired lines etched into it. Wash had told her how awful things had wound up going down in his timeline. Is this part of that?

They arrive at the clinic, York shouldering her way in ahead of Carolina to get to the salarian at the front desk. Not much of a front desk given it's a clinic on Omega, but hey, you take what you can get. ]

Tell me there's a doctor or somebody in, 'cause she definitely needs one.
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Let's just say you're not in Kansas anymore.

[ It's hard not to be flippant, but it's obvious Carolina's not going to budge until York explains any of this, let alone let an alien doctor touch her. And she really does look beat up. York sighs, crossing her arms. ]

If I explain any of this to you, are you even gonna believe me?
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'Cause I'm the one that brought you here, and probably the one that's gonna pay for it, too.

[ York huffs out a breath through her nose, looking a little tired. It's been a long day. It's obviously about to get longer. ]

Besides, you asked, boss. So either you actually wanna hear an answer, or you're not gonna believe me anyway. So which is it, huh?
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[ Man, Carolina's really not looking so hot. Maybe York ought to talk fast. If she'll even believe her. ]

All right, so this place? This station we're on, the galaxy it's in? Not your universe. Not mine, either. Same goes for almost everybody who comes in on those shuttles -- people from different worlds, different times, different realities. Don't ask me how or why, 'cause I couldn't tell you. Nobody could. We're all stuck here, every last one of us unlucky bastards, and they don't exactly like us here. And if there's a way to get back to where you came from, nobody's figured it out yet.

[ She grimaces a little, and she actually does look kind of apologetic, rueful. ]

Hate to say it, boss, but you're stuck here with the rest of us.
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[ Oh, boy. This is not gonna be one of the easy ones, she can tell that right off. York pinches the bridge of her nose, drawing in a slow breath. Man, where does she even start with this. ]

My name's Natalie van der Haast. I enlisted in the UNSC when I was twenty-three years old to fight in the war. I'm what you'd call an infiltrations expert, and until a year ago, I was part of Project Freelancer. Code name: York.

[ She gives Carolina an almost exasperated look, shoulders slackening. ]

Seriously, does the eye not ring any bells for you?
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[ Did she say this wasn't going to be easy? God, that's the understatement of the year. This is about as tough as it gets. York's met a lot of people she knows from other timelines, other realities, but she's never met anyone who had such a reason to mistrust her. Jesus Christ, Wash didn't mention anything like this.

York's hands go up, her expression turning alarmed. Carolina doesn't look so steady on her feet, but that doesn't mean York's confident she could disarm Carolina before she pulled a weapon, even in this state. ]

Whoa -- hey! Calm down, will you? Look, I don't know what happened between you and the York you knew, but every timeline's different, okay? Way different, in my case. So how about you stop reachin' for that gun and we talk about this a little more, huh?

[ Things had never really ended well between York and her Carolina, but Christ, they'd never been like this. Carolina had just been more distant towards the end than anything else. Grimly, she can't help but think that if she's going to get shot, at least she's near a doctor. Speaking of which, the salarian receptionist doesn't look too pleased at the scene that's unfolding in the clinic lobby. ]
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[ Carolina goes down before York can really make a move to catch her. Well, shit. ]

Okay, I guess that could've gone worse...

[ She twists halfway to look at the salarian receptionist, who doesn't look too pleased. ]

C'mon, what're you waiting for? Get a god damn medic.
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Whoa -- jeez, calm down --

[ York keeps a firm arm around Carolina's shoulders, hoping she can keep her still enough to keep from lashing out at any of the medics. They get her to a cot, try to get her situated, because dammit, these wounds need to be treated. ]

Hold still, okay? You're gonna be fine.
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Uh...yeah, I'll be sure not to.

[ Nobody really bothers to tell York to get out of the way -- the medics just work around her, and York peers down at Carolina with an uncertain grimace. It reminds her a little of back when she'd still been in her own world, still in the Project, when Carolina and Wash had really started to nosedive after their implantations. This Carolina -- does she still have her AI? York catches a glimpse of the bloody mess of the back of her neck and winces. Maybe not. Christ, what happened? ]

You're in a clinic, okay? The docs here are gonna get you fixed up. Just breathe, okay, boss?

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