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[ Hey what's up Omega, York is in the house. The last week and a half has been a bit of a rough adjustment, but hey, it's still better than living under the tyrannical reign of an unstable AI. Besides, York is good at adapting. She's pretty sure she would've gone crazy by now if she weren't. ]

Good morning, Omega. How's life treatin' all of you poor suckers? Hopefully you're, y'know, not dead by now.

[ She's relaxed, flippant as always, but seriously. Somebody has to have died by now. ]

For those of you I haven't met, you can call me York. I'm sure you've all shacked up someplace by now -- and if you haven't, I'd get on that, 'cause I hear the streets aren't the coziest place to hole up for the night. Anyway, in case you haven't noticed by now, this isn't exactly the friendliest place. Lockin' your doors at night might not be enough to keep you and all your stuff safe. Dunno if you noticed, but the basic security on these places is a little flimsy.

But hey, security is kinda what I do. And if you're lookin' to sleep a little easier at night, I can probably help you out. Y'know, beef up your security a little, set up a system that any enterprising fifteen-year-old with an omni-tool can't break. Can't exactly do it for free, but if you're a little short on credits, I'm sure we can work somethin' out.
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[she's squinting so hard at this right now.


Security, York? Really?
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Not sure that applies in this situation. [but she's at least a little amused-

-even more so when she gets that reaction. she was pretty damn surprised herself when north told her that the york here was female but she doesn't want to go over that detail on the network. they can cross that ground when they finally meet up.

so that little bit will be skipped, for now. but later.]
Didn't know I'd be that surprising. Hi, York.
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[it's kind of funny to get the better of york for once. still she lets out a chuckle.]

North told me. It's... surprising, but. Bigger problems to face around here then the fact you're a woman. [...still. again. going to ask about it later.] Even if I have some questions. For later.

[a pause] How long has it been?
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[another version. that doesn't compute even a little.]

You're going to have to explain that statement. Where is 'Sacrosanct?' And... other versions of me?

[luckily this carolina has yet to throw her temper tantrum and demand two for the price of one. still, she's probably the closest york is going to get in this situation. even if she's more used to hearing this kind of talk from a man.]

Have to be honest with you, I'm not sure I want to stay here. But hopefully we can leave together instead.