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001; video

This is Commander Shepard of the Earth Systems Alliance Navy.

[the video feed on your omni-tool starts without pomp or circumstance; SUDDENLY: SHEPARD. her expression is grim and though she started out staring the camera down, her eyes flick away uncertainly when she hesitates.]

...Citizens may have noticed many shuttles coming out of the Omega-4 relay bearing passengers. You and I both know that this is...impossible. As far as I can tell, most of these newcomers have little to no knowledge of our galaxy and come from a wide spectrum of technological advancement, but at the very least, most of them don't seem to have any intention of hurting anybody.

Though control and authority of this station is still Aria's, I want to assure you that this strange phenomena is being investigated, and action will be taken should the safety of the civilian populace be threatened.

[she sighs, letting some of the stiff, authoritative guard slide] If any crew members of the Normandy have also landed here that I haven't yet run into, they can find me in Afterlife. [with a dry, displeased tone:] Come whether you think I'm a fake or not.

[and the feed cuts.]
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[This one seems a bit more helpful than the other lady. The... purple one. So Lyall makes another attempt.]

Your pardon, ma'am. Professor Randolph Lyall, how do you do.

[He doesn't leave her time to really answer that "question", but moves right on.]

I appreciate your announcement and the information. As one of those from a very different... technological level of advancement, as you say. I was wondering if perhaps anyone would be willing to explain the workings of some of the local equipment to someone from several hundred years in the past, from what I've been able to gather.

Particularly if we are intended to use it in order to, ah, earn our keep.

[There's no picture to go with his address, but there's something of a rueful smile in his voice, at least.]
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Several hundred years. From eighteen seventy-five, to be specific.

[He sounds a bit apologetic about that. He knows it's a long time before pretty much everyone here.]

And, ah, I do not suppose you know what a Vee Aye is, do you? The lady Aria suggested I consult it, whatever it is, and something called a terminal....

[Yes, Shepard. You just got the most clueless individual asking for your help. That's what you get for putting yourself out there.]
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[Somewhere between deadpan and dry, there.]

I have been prodding at the thing, and it does do some rather alarming things when I try. I may have at least the basic functions down. Provided I have even ascertained the basic functions. I can access these communications in various forms, and have found what appears to be a map of the station in three dimensions.
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It does help a bit, yes. At least I can have something to direct my questions to that may actually be helpful, and whose time I will not be wasting. I do not suppose this Virtual Intelligence creature can give instruction on the use of equipment, can it? The lady Aria is insistent upon work, but I know as much about the equipment involved as you would how to raise sheep.

[He pauses, chuckles a bit, and adds,]

Despite the name, of course.
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[If he were on video, he'd probably be visibly a bit embarrassed by a smile like that. As it is, he merely pauses a beat before continuing, sounding only vaguely sheepish.]

I will keep that in mind, thank you, miss Shepard. And I will keep the shepherd's crook away from you, I believe, just in case you have further violent urges with it.
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Thank you. Do keep me informed. I will be an eager student, I am sure. Perhaps then you can ask me what you will-- and quite likely vice versa, since you seem perfectly at home here.
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I look forward to it, Miss Shepard. Until then, good day to you.

[He considers whether that is proper etiquette for ending one of these transmissions, then decides he can't come up with anything better, so he shuts the connection down. Here's hoping this happens sooner rather than later, to his mind. He can use all the advice he can get.]