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[ Hey what's up Omega, York is in the house. The last week and a half has been a bit of a rough adjustment, but hey, it's still better than living under the tyrannical reign of an unstable AI. Besides, York is good at adapting. She's pretty sure she would've gone crazy by now if she weren't. ]

Good morning, Omega. How's life treatin' all of you poor suckers? Hopefully you're, y'know, not dead by now.

[ She's relaxed, flippant as always, but seriously. Somebody has to have died by now. ]

For those of you I haven't met, you can call me York. I'm sure you've all shacked up someplace by now -- and if you haven't, I'd get on that, 'cause I hear the streets aren't the coziest place to hole up for the night. Anyway, in case you haven't noticed by now, this isn't exactly the friendliest place. Lockin' your doors at night might not be enough to keep you and all your stuff safe. Dunno if you noticed, but the basic security on these places is a little flimsy.

But hey, security is kinda what I do. And if you're lookin' to sleep a little easier at night, I can probably help you out. Y'know, beef up your security a little, set up a system that any enterprising fifteen-year-old with an omni-tool can't break. Can't exactly do it for free, but if you're a little short on credits, I'm sure we can work somethin' out.
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Can't exactly afford to pay you much until I move on up in the world [ he says it dryly ] but I'd like your help at least setting one up.

[ Partly to keep people out, and also because, well, Maeby, and Arthur might have a soft spot for burgeoning con women. ]
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[ From anyone else, Arthur might dislike owing a favor. From York, well, he's still cautious, but it's better than a stranger. ]

I might owe you two, then. I need one for the door, and one for the storage locker I found in here. [ There's a small huff. ] I've got a nosy room mate.
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No. But I think she seems a little too curious for her own good, and I've seen too many people get lucky on accident.

My locks aren't as good as yours, either.
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Clearly I haven't been trying hard enough to flatter you then.

[ He hopes that joke doesn't fall flat - he likes her, but it's more of a friendly thing now. ]

Actually, now is probably good? I don't think she's around, probably off pretending she's a thief.
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Your definition of fun and mine...

[ He shakes his head, amused. ]

I'll see you in a few.

[ He sends her the location, easy, and settles in to wait. Maeby's gone, and although she's a handful she's tough, so he's not too worried about her right now. ]