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[why yes, she still has yet to update her wardrobe (aka it looks like she's still fresh off the medieval fantasy boat). but she has figured out that poking around at the omni-tool gives you a means of communicating with...whomever else may be on this network. and since she's bored and short of coin...credits...whatever, and has been watching the going ons of this sort of community, she has the general gist of this thing all figured out.]

Haven't been here for all that long and already I started a tab with one of the nearby taverns. The barkeep seems to be the sort of...[a pause as she purses her lips and tries to find the correct term] creature who's perfectly aware of my type, so I'm surprised he's let me off the hook for as long as he has.

[she pokes at the omni-tool once more and the video shifts to audio, then back to video.]

So, who's up for some Wicked Grace? Or any card game, really. I'm tired of sitting around playing Solitaire all by my lonesome. Mind you, I've never been any good when it comes to luck and chance, still new to the art and all that [SHE'S LYING THROUGH HER TEETH] but it couldn't hurt to use it as an opportunity to branch out and make new friends.
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[ York's never met this lady before, but she likes the vibe she's getting so far. A game of cards could be fun. God knows Wash is a terrible poker partner. She cocks an eyebrow at the feed, giving her a grin. ]

You wanna play cards, huh?
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[ York lets out a laugh, shaking her head. ]

No, I got you loud and clear. Don't think I've ever heard of Wicked Grace, though.
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Ah, you can't be that bad, if you can teach me the game. I'm York, by the way.
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[ York lets out a laugh, more of a snort. ]

Isabela, huh? Maybe I'm better off teachin' you a game.
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Like I'm gonna make a new player bet with actual money.

[ at first, anyway. ]

Nah, c'mon, it's just for fun. Somethin' to do, you know?
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