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[ Hey look it's everybody's favorite bartender-slash-space aunt, except she doesn't look like her usual jovial self. In fact, an awful lot about her looks different, including the fact that the left side of her face is still recovering from some nasty grenade fire, and her left eye is a milky white all over. And it's only highlighted more by the fact that for once, she looks concerned and kind of worried. Kind of on edge, but she's playing it glib and casual, as much as she can. Wash has gone missing, picked up by CAT6 for interrogation, but all York knows is that she hasn't seen him in a few days. ]

Hey, if anybody's seen Wash, drop me a line, all right? Big guy, blue armor, lives with me in 619B. He hasn't been home for a couple of days and he's not answering my messages. Not exactly typical Wash behavior. So if you've seen him around or know where he's disappeared off to, let me know. I'll take any leads you got.
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[her frown is audible] Wash is missing, too? South was supposed to meet me yesterday and never showed, isn't answering her omni-tool.
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[good we can hear these things]

Afraid not. Can't be a coincidence.
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I wish I did. There's so many people who are protesting us lately, it's hard to point a finger.

If it's even about that. I don't know everything South is up to.
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[somehow, this is still better than Tranquility but only because there had yet to be an organ-dissolving plague]

Agreed. When are you free?
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Be there in ten.

[and no one is surprised.]
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[she's gotten used to walking around in more civilian clothing since arriving here, if only because her bulky project armor sticks out like a sore thumb. but for this, putting the armor on had been necessary.

she nods back]

Wouldn't miss it. So, where was Wash's last known location?