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001 ➛ audio

If this magic works the way it was described, somebody should be able to hear me right now. [though the voice of the young lady that's coming through sounds incredibly skeptical about this entire endeavor.] If you can, and you can actually understand me, I want you to tell me whether 8,000 "creds" is a lot of money around here, and what I can do to get it. I can't believe your merchants don't take something as simple as gold for war supplies.

[there's ambient noise for a while, and some confused sounds from somebody who has obviously never seen, much less used, an omni-tool before. eventually she groans in exasperation.]

My sword's been stolen from me and you expect me to do repairs to survive. This is entirely unacceptable.
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[ York might as well have a lost-teen-dar implanted in her brain, because it'd be impossible for her to miss this post. She's been having kind of a shit week, what with the injury to her face and all, but she's starting to bounce back a little. And this poor girl looks pretty lost and out of her element. York can't really ignore that, in all honesty. Christ, she might as well be starting a collection. ]

Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but credits are all anyone operates on here anymore. If you need a new weapon, though, I think I can help you out. And it'll probably keep you a little safer around here than a sword will.
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[ York's dealt with way pricklier teens than Severa, that's for sure. Marco can be a real piece of work when he wants to. And hey, she's so not gonna let some poor girl wander around here without even a notion of how to defend herself with modern weaponry, and it gives her something to think about other than her bad eye. ]

Right on the money, yeah. I'm gonna guess you don't have those in your world. You need some lessons?
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Mm. [ York doesn't sound all that convinced. ] You ever handle any weapons other than, y'know, swords? Uh -- crossbow, maybe?
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[ oh god no severa you are too cute york is trying so hard not to laugh ]

Hey, hey, I bet you've got lots of weapon experience. From your world. But take a look around you, kiddo. This isn't exactly home, is it? Now, you know what a crossbow looks like. It's a complicated little gadget, right? Well, a gun's about a hundred times more complicated, and while any dumbass can point and shoot, if you don't wanna wind up hurtin' yourself, you might want a few lessons.
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[ shhhh it's okay severa york has a soft spot for huffy teens

she doesn't really sound condescending, or skeptical, just kind of amused. ]

You wanna see?
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Yeah? All right, then. You know where the markets are? There's a bar there called The Quad. Meet me outside, and I'll show you a thing or two about guns.

[ She sends the coordinates to Severa just in case she can figure out how to use them to find the place. ]

I'm York, by the way.
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Oh, I'm hard to miss. I've only got one eye. I'll see you there, Severa.

[ She closes the audio connection with that, and when Severa arrives at the Quad, York will be waiting, decked out in infiltrator armor and with a swath of gauze over her left eye. The gauze covers up the worst of it, but if you look close enough, it's not hard to see the burned skin creeping out from beneath the edges. She's got a pistol holstered at her hip, leaning against an outside wall with her arms crossed. ]
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[ Hey, there she is. She looks like a nice enough kid, even if she does look like she's been sucking on a lemon. Reminds York a little of somebody else she knows.

She glances down at her armor and shrugs loosely. ]

Not really. But it was already on. You just happened to catch me while I was out.

[ She unholsters her pistol, holding it easily in one hand, and nods at Severa, leading her in the direction of an alleyway. Nothing wrong with using a dumpster for target practice once in a while. ]

So, you know anything about how one of these things works, kiddo?
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Well, you're gonna wanna keep your eyes open and your ears covered, then. It's gonna get a little loud.

[ They're at a respectable distance from the dumpster and any people who might happen by. York takes a couple of steps ahead of Severa, disengages the safety, and with apparent ease, lifts the pistol and fires a few shots into the dumpster. They ring out loud, the bullets burying themselves in the already much-dented metal, and with years of military training and special ops experience, she makes it look easy. York glances back at Severa with a grin. ]

So was that what you were expecting?
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[ Okay York does feel a little bad. The poor kid looks like she had the soul spooked out of her. But hey, she'd insisted with that skepticism. Maybe now she'll keep her eyes a little wider open around here. York doesn't really want to see her wind up as a smear in some back alley. Call her sentimental.

York looks back at Severa and gives her a lopsided grin, reloading her pistol. ]

Every day, used to be. Everybody around here uses guns. I told you, there's a lot more to 'em than you can see at first glance. But if you learn how to use 'em right and you practice, the noise isn't so bad after a while.
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[ York holsters her pistol, because yeah, Severa's definitely seen enough. No need to scare her just for the sake of scaring her. She nods, her smile turning rueful. ]

Pretty much. That and a proper suit of armor. I'm sure what you've got is good for swords and all, but bullets'll tear through that in no time. And since everybody here wears armor with shielding, your sword isn't gonna do you much good. Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but this place isn't exactly the friendliest neighborhood in the galaxy.

[ She looks Severa over, as if sizing her up. She's smaller than York, sure, but the nice thing about guns is that size doesn't always matter. ]

You know how to do anything besides swing that sword around?
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[ ohh Severa it's so cute how stubborn you are. York likes that. ]

Hey, I bet after a few lessons, you'll pick it up. But I meant stuff besides weapons and fighting, kiddo. Being able to defend yourself is just step one here. If you wanna survive, you're gonna have to find a way to make money here. You got any skills outside of combat? I mean anything.
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[ York's eyebrows go up, and she grins. Well, hey. She certainly doesn't seem like the lockpicking type, but today is full of surprises. ]

Your dad sounds like my kinda guy. Y'know, I could teach you about that, too. If you wanted.

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