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001 ➛ audio

If this magic works the way it was described, somebody should be able to hear me right now. [though the voice of the young lady that's coming through sounds incredibly skeptical about this entire endeavor.] If you can, and you can actually understand me, I want you to tell me whether 8,000 "creds" is a lot of money around here, and what I can do to get it. I can't believe your merchants don't take something as simple as gold for war supplies.

[there's ambient noise for a while, and some confused sounds from somebody who has obviously never seen, much less used, an omni-tool before. eventually she groans in exasperation.]

My sword's been stolen from me and you expect me to do repairs to survive. This is entirely unacceptable.
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Not magic, technology.

...First time user?

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Re: voice

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[Essentially a first-time user, yes. Dropping that point for now. BUT SELF-PROPELLING BALLISTA, WOAH. He'd learned the term on Earth only in historical contexts. Old, but interesting nonetheless.]

It is extremely advanced technology by the standards of a self-propelled ballista.

I'm still uncertain of the exact details of this place's currency, but I know gold is definitely out. Something about credits being more universal or something.

You seek to arm yourself? [Heavily implying you were weaponless out on this network didn't seem...that well thought out.]

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What did this four-eyed being give you?

Ah, there is a market district here that you can try. Afraid I'm not an exact expert on the subject though.

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Not the only one new in town.

How did your sword get stolen? Traditional mugging, or it suddenly wasn't where you left it?
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Sounds like some battle. [A bit dryly.]

May be easier to come by a gun first than another sword here. [He wouldn't rule out the possibility entirely though. Megatron still employed a sword.]

...Have you heard of a gun before?
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[Maybe approach this carefully, as she seems to be trying for tact.]

But it seems like swordsmanship is your specialty. Do you require assistance to brush up on the skills for a gun?

[Some flattery was careful, right?]
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ooc: and severa hasn't seen what starscream actually looks like, right?

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You're welcome to come to me for repair work. [Ah, but who would she look for? Time to formally introduce himself.] My name is Starscream. And you are?

...Shoot with a gun, you mean? [Starscream's now so worried she's going to shoot herself in the foot or worse or hit a passerby.]
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Re: ooc: no clue, she thinks she's just talking to a dude

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[Scrap, does he want to do this? But there's no point in giving her a possibly unpleasant surprise at this point, should she try to find him later for repair work.]

Ah, do you know how the video function of your communication device works?
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[Bit of an amused laugh in his voice.] Yes, you are.

[Voice returns to normal.]

Ah, now...you've encountered creatures that seem strange to you already, yes? Such as that four-eyed being? Not that I have four eyes, but I'm not as...human looking, as you. Just letting you know, so you won't be startled if you come around looking for repairs.

[Switch to video. Have a metal figure with wings and no nose and glowing eyes.]

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Are you familiar with robots? Automatons? Golems? They all seem to mean roughly the same creature in the human cultures I'm familiar with, and that's essentially what I am, though while most of them were created, I was born, the same as the rest of my kind.


I believe the simplest way of putting it is that I'm a creature made of metal and wire, rather than flesh and bone. Does that answer your question?
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Not exactly the same as this station, but closer to that than organics--fleshy creatures like you. [Was the term "organic" known in her world?]

I've recently arrived to this place, and though there are differences, there are actually still some similarities to my home. There seem to be others from a similar background, and others who...aren't, so I would have a better understanding than them, yes.

[Like how to work a gun, but Severa seemed so pleased getting her communication device to switch to video, he rather doubts he wants to risk deflating her mood.]

Why, do you require more information?

[Coming from a world where the most advanced technology was self-propelled ballistas, she must be filled with questions.]
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[Sounding a bit overwhelmed there. Again, couldn't really fault her for that.]

I know my home did not just spring up in a matter of seconds. Where I'm from, it's been around for eons.

As for this place, I don't think it just suddenly appeared--it seems to have a history, and already a familiarity with strangers like you and I getting stranded here.

[How to explain this?]

It seems multiple worlds can exist at the same time without being instantly visible to the other....

[Slipping into more thinking out loud.]
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[Past her limit at the moment.]

Thinking about such could lead to figuring a way out of here, but it is rather more existential and theoretical at the moment--you'd be better served settling your immediate needs first, as you put it.

[Why was he trying to be this soothing? ...All right, pity was useless, but he's fairly certain Severa had never known about guns before Omega.]

Securing shelter and sustenance would take precedent over arming yourself, surely? [Unless such things were dependent on her being armed.]

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