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002 Video, backdated to Wednesday.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that Zeta District has taken quite some damage from that disgusting act of arson the other day. While we're fortunate that there were not many casualties, we can't just leave things be as they are.

This Saturday there will be an organized clean-up for the district. We're looking for volunteers, anyone who can work and is willing to take orders are requested to attend. Specifically, we're looking for people to carry out the following activities:

[Insert explanation here.]

If you feel that you do not have the time to contribute, you may instead leave a small donation of clothes, food and other necessities for the victims of the fire who lost their homes and belongings.

As a community, we should we look out for our fellow residents to make our district a better place to live in. I strongly urge all of you to provide some assistance, be it in terms of donations or work, and show some support this coming Saturday.

[Filtered to those in the neighbourhood guard, hackable.]

I expect all of you to be there this Saturday, not only to engage in the clean-up. Those underhanded mercenaries are sniffing around these days. It would not surprise me if they scheduled an appearance to impede the event. We must be vigilant and ensure that we keep our guard up at all times.

((OOC: As stated in the OOC post, there's a clean-up being planned for this Saturday! Mercenaries will also be appearing to cause trouble as well.))
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so given that im trying 2 lay low these days

pls excuse me 4 staying home 4 this 1

[ Marco doesn't like the sound of being anywhere outside if he doesn't have to be, given his complicated professional life.

Also because he's lazy. ]
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text; filtered

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[ He tried, okay. ]

come on dude

i havent even cleaned my own room yet

[ And really? Marco doing manual labor under the watchful eye of all of his self-declared supervisors? Don't wannnna. ]
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what if i have 2 work on fri
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but when am i gonna SLEEP

or like

chill out
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[video, filtered to neighborhood guard dudes]

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Understood. I'll need more by way of manpower if we're to effectively guard the parameter, but it can be done.
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Many of the people we'll be working with don't have any form of training. It will be difficult to get everyone coordinated.
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In that case, I look forward to seeing what you're capable of.
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[And this is totally not because she feels guilty. No this is all part of a more elaborate plan. Or so she tells herself.]

Well, I can help keep the need for a lot of heavy lifting down for the rest of you if you need it.
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I'll come by to hold up rubble then.
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[If he was to be stranded here for some indefinite amount of time, the place could do with some cleaning. Not like the damage somewhat reminded him of dead Cybertron, definitely not.]

[So just have a gravelly and somewhat playful purr to distract from any issues going on inside.] Well now, at least you try to run a tight ship.

[Voice returns to normal, if a little airy. Lately Starscream rather feels like Knock Out.]

I can do repair work, from tools to clearing rubble away.
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And you do it well, apparently.

All right then, I will be there.


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Have you figured out security detail for the clean up? It wouldn't be beyond the mercs to take advantage of the situation and rob a few people. Or take hostages.