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...You’re all still here. Great.

[ Aria’s not in a much better mood than she was the other day, but at least this time she’s not snarling at everyone in sight. Mostly. ]

Well. As long as you’re stuck here, then you’re gonna make yourselves useful. You want to eat? Go clear out some debris. Want somewhere to live? Go make repairs. Half of Omega is a smoking wreck. Fix it.

But if you want anything at all, you’ll to have to pay for protection. Pay me, and maybe you won’t get your head chopped off by a krogan tomorrow.

Or maybe you will. I don’t really care.

There is one rule on Omega. What I say goes.

Don’t fuck with Aria.
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[Well, this is more useful than the other chatter on the open channels. Lyall actually replies to this one, with a question.]

Good day, ma'am. My name is Professor Randolph Lyall, how do you do.

[The tone is not that of a question, but of a polite sort of comment, like "hello". Regardless, he continues without leaving much time to reply, anyway.]

I would be glad to offer assistance in reconstruction in return for board and lodging, but I'm afraid I'm from a very long-distant time, and the technology here is unfamiliar to me. If I work here, I will need some instruction on the use of equipment. Will you or someone in your employ be providing this?
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Hmm. That will make life a bit more difficult, considering how many of us here also are unfamiliar with the local technology. We appear to be from a great variety of places and times, most of which are quite removed from here.

[He's imagining that the lady hasn't really spoken to most of the more confused ones, or she would know how utterly unhelpful her comment just was. Still, he's polite about it, and sounds more like he's musing than really making a statement.]
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Your pardon, ma'am, but... terminal? Vee Aye? I am unfamiliar with these terms.

[At least, in this usage. Terminal, to him, is a rather unpleasant adjective having to do with dying. VI is entirely foreign, but he imagines it might be some specialized educator, or else perhaps stand for something?]
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[Perma-audio back!]

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I am familiar with the term, though not in this context. As far as I am aware, it is merely an adjective referring to the ending of a thing. The termination, as it were. If it has another meaning here and now, I'm afraid it must have come about much later than the nineteenth century.
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[Lyall hesitates before deciding he's pressed her enough and she might find some way to strangle him across devices if he presses her further. Even if he doesn't know what a "computer" is, either, beyond, presumably, something which computes.]

All right, ma'am. I will see what I can manage. Thank you for your help.

[Not that there was much. Ah, well.]