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[ yo what's up, Omega. York is in a shiny brand-new suit of armor, bought right in Omega, rather than her usual clunky old Freelancer armor. It's a hell of a lot sleeker than what she used to wear, that's for sure, and she looks pretty damned pleased about it.

But not just about the armor. York's grinning for an entirely new reason today. ]

Everybody settling in all right? Good, 'cause I've got some good news for the thirsty crowd. I just got myself a new job at a bar here in Zeta District, servin' drinks. And this weekend we've got an extended happy hour special goin' on, so if you're looking for a drink, then I highly suggest hauling your ass over to The Quad. I might even slip you a free drink for the trouble.

[ She actually winks, grinning and showing teeth. She tosses her hair out of her face with a quick shake of her head. ]

'Course, if you're more interested in the home security market, I'm still available for installs and upgrades. But I figured it was time to move on up in the job market. Besides, I mix one hell of a Dirty Shirley.
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[ Have a chinhandsing Marco. ]

So, what's the drinking age around here?
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Unfair, low blow!

[ He winces at himself for making that pun. ]

C'mon, York, how am I ever gonna learn to be a responsible drinker if I'm not instructed by a responsible professional?
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Ugh, if this isn't age discrimination, I don't know what is. Bet you totally drank with the other version of me all the time. But fine, whatever.

[ Marco's pouting a little unreasonably hard, but it's 80% exaggeration. He's already trying to find another approach.

And he does. At some nebulous point in the future, he swings by the Quad; the delivery boy uniform, he's found, grants him almost unquestioned universal access to most places, and he elbows his way through the crowd to slide a warm, flat, aromatic box onto the bar in front of York. The bright smile on his face contains not an ounce of deceit. ]

Yo yo! A present, to celebrate your recent fortune and prosperity.
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There's a lot you don't know about me, York.

[ He makes what he would self-describe as a mysterious smile, but probably just makes him look like a dork. Since she hasn't touched the box yet, he takes the liberty of cracking it open himself, revealing a bacon and pepper topped pizza that's only a little bit squished from rattling around on its way over. ]

Anyway, my shift just ended. This came off the discard pile, 'cause someone put peppers in it by accident and who in their right mind wants any vegetables on their pizza?
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"Trash"? York, I'm hurt! You think I'm the sorta person who would bring someone trash as a present? This pizza's only unwanted, not inedible. I'm doing a public service by preventing food waste and sharing with you the pleasure of knowing that we're taking advantage of an otherwise unfortunate situation.

[ Marco grabs his heart in mock despair, but it only takes a moment of smelling the pizza before he snaps out of it and promptly starts picking peppers off one of the slices. ]

Is this a Coke or a Pepsi establishment?
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Ugh, 'almost' Coke might as well be Pepsi. [ This is a holy war, and York just declared herself on the wrong side. ] But you take what you can get, huh? Can you at least put it in one of those short glasses with some ice cubes. You know, like. Scotch on the rocks.

[ He bites into his mutilated slice with a smile. No, he's not actually asking for booze, this is just for appearances, right? ]
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I know plenty about scotch, thank you very much. [ He picks up the glass and swills it around a little, then sniffs it gently before taking a tiny sip. Of course, since it's a carbonated beverage and not actually scotch, it just fizzes a little and also makes him look kind of silly. ] It's the drink of choice for brooding, washed-out former secret agents who no longer know what to do with themselves after getting forcibly retired from their gigs.

[ yes marco you nurse your coke on the rocks like a man ]

I think I'm really not cut out for this whole pizza running thing. You know what my delivery experience was before I got here? I'd call up a pizza place and they would send pizza to me, not the other way around. I wonder if I could like subcontract the actual delivery part and just take a cut of pay for organizing other people to move shit around for me.
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[ Whoosh goes the sound of York's self-reference going over Marco's head. He's only nosy sometimes, and York hasn't made him want to pry into her personal life yet. ]

The ones who quit on their own? I dunno, they probably shoot tequilla or something. But you never just up and walk off, 'cause the Circus always finds you in the end. That much I know for sure. [ He nods sagely, taking another sip from the glass like he thought he was a grizzled old veteran. ]

But I don't think I really have the heart for middle management. That means there's like, other people above me, and I don't think I could live with the thought of helping other people make more money when I should be making it for myself. The lone billionaire sounds good. Get a bunch of investments rolling that just generate cash on their own, while I sit next to my pool and sip cocktails with hot babes. What do you think my prospects are for that here?
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Are you kidding me? One pizza at a time? I make an average of like a credit per delivery because no one on this rock believes in tipping like a reasonable person. What's the point in having money if you aren't going to share it with your fellow man? [ Way to switch from greedy money-grubbing billionaire mode to being horribly socialist, Marco. ] Anyway, who says I need a reputable investment broker? I just need a good one. He can have a bad rep so long as he's good at juggling money.

[ He eyes the other patrons, as if one of them was likely to be just the guy he's looking for. Of course, they probably don't appreciate being eyed by the delivery boy talking big shit at the bar. ]
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If someone walks off with all of my money, imma pop a cap in his ass.

[ He tosses back the rest of his drink and slides the empty glass down towards York---except it only makes it halfway there before spinning to a stop. Oops. At least he didn't overshoot. ]

Anyway, I'd love to get out of this stupid pizza gig. Want me to leave my CV with you? I've got a list of high scores and speed run records the length of this bar.