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[ yo what's up, Omega. York is in a shiny brand-new suit of armor, bought right in Omega, rather than her usual clunky old Freelancer armor. It's a hell of a lot sleeker than what she used to wear, that's for sure, and she looks pretty damned pleased about it.

But not just about the armor. York's grinning for an entirely new reason today. ]

Everybody settling in all right? Good, 'cause I've got some good news for the thirsty crowd. I just got myself a new job at a bar here in Zeta District, servin' drinks. And this weekend we've got an extended happy hour special goin' on, so if you're looking for a drink, then I highly suggest hauling your ass over to The Quad. I might even slip you a free drink for the trouble.

[ She actually winks, grinning and showing teeth. She tosses her hair out of her face with a quick shake of her head. ]

'Course, if you're more interested in the home security market, I'm still available for installs and upgrades. But I figured it was time to move on up in the job market. Besides, I mix one hell of a Dirty Shirley.
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I require a working lock for a property of mine. Name your price.
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I just require something that will keep people out. I do not need anything else.
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Good, I shall send you the coordinates then. When can I expect you?
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[A nod.]

I shall see you then.

[And because there's nothing else he'd like to discuss, Dun ends the transmission there and then. If York does show up later on time, Dun will be waiting for her outside, arms crossed and eye watching the traffic. He's not only looking out for her though; his shoulders are slightly tense and his weapons are all within arm's react: a sword strapped to his back and a podao sheathed at his side.]
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And, Action!

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[Ah, that must be her. Dun immediately straightens up and calls out to her.]

Good, you're here. I'm tired of dealing with people who are trying to break into the premises. What sort of locks do you have, locksmith?
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Very well then, Lady York.

[He's assuming York is her family name, and that she'd prefer to be addressed by such. Although he may be in a different time and place, he's not going to forget proper social etiquette, especially between men and women. It would be considered horribly impolite to address any woman simply by her name.]

Yes, but I was not aware it could be used in such a manner.
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But you are a woman.

[He's not being sexist, just courteous.]

Very well, if it bothers you so much to be addressed according to your status, then..."York" will do just as well.

[There's slight reluctance for him to just call her by her name, but if she really insisted, and it did seem to be the social norm in Omega to address others without their proper titles. He doesn't like it, of course, but there are many things Xiahou Dun doesn't like about Omega and he's just going to have to live with it.]

So you're saying that you can ensure that only my omni-tool can open this door?
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I am the sole user of the premise at the moment so just my omni-tool will do for now, but if I do require others to be able to access the apartment would it be possible for me to contact you again?
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I will keep that in mind.

[Now comes the haggling bargaining part.]

I propose we settle on a price before you put this service into place.
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A fair price. I accept.

[He steps back to let York do her work, and when she's finished he eyes the lock a little suspiciously. It can't be that simple...can it?]

I'd like to test this. Please try to open the door with your omni-tool.
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[When the system works exactly as she said, Dun gives her a satisfied nod and transfers the 300 credits he owes a 10% tip, which he explains as:]

For your good and prompt service. If I am in need of your skills, I shall be sure to call on you again.
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[Ah, it's this custom again. He's seen it enough to know what needs to be done. Mostly. His grip is iron tight and firm, and he might be shaking a bit too hard, but the sentiment is there.]

The pleasure is mine...York.
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[Strength, intelligence and fair; Dun watches her as she leaves, not out of suspicious, but out of curiosity. If not for the obvious differences in voice and body, he might have mistaken her for a man.

He has to admit, if she was one, he would have asked to speak more. Not only to get to know her better, but to determine if she would be a good fit for the neighbourhood watch he's been planning. But alas, propriety stands in the way. A married man should not accompany a woman with no chaperone; it would be an insult to York and a blight on her respectability within the community.

Or that's how it's supposed to be, back home.

At any rate, he can't help but secretly hope that he might have another chance to assess her in the future. They're going to need all the help they can get.