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[ yo what's up, Omega. York is in a shiny brand-new suit of armor, bought right in Omega, rather than her usual clunky old Freelancer armor. It's a hell of a lot sleeker than what she used to wear, that's for sure, and she looks pretty damned pleased about it.

But not just about the armor. York's grinning for an entirely new reason today. ]

Everybody settling in all right? Good, 'cause I've got some good news for the thirsty crowd. I just got myself a new job at a bar here in Zeta District, servin' drinks. And this weekend we've got an extended happy hour special goin' on, so if you're looking for a drink, then I highly suggest hauling your ass over to The Quad. I might even slip you a free drink for the trouble.

[ She actually winks, grinning and showing teeth. She tosses her hair out of her face with a quick shake of her head. ]

'Course, if you're more interested in the home security market, I'm still available for installs and upgrades. But I figured it was time to move on up in the job market. Besides, I mix one hell of a Dirty Shirley.


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Openly advertising for a bar that might compete with Afterlife?

Somebody's got balls.

Re: video;

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The only thing that's going to boost morale for most of these people is a shuttle off of Omega.

Got any ryncol?

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Not exclusively, but it's something of a favorite.

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[Have a shrug.]

I've got a turian for that. Maybe I'll stop by and open a tab.

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Shepard, Systems Alliance Navy.

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I've been getting that a lot.

[At least people have stopped mentioning the fact he's supposed to be dead. Those were some annoying conversations too.]

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That's one word for it.

[Jack had mentioned he had a great rack in that other universe. He can only imagine someone commenting on this chick's lack of dick.]

I'll hit the bar soon. Got a few things to do first.