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[ yo what's up, Omega. York is in a shiny brand-new suit of armor, bought right in Omega, rather than her usual clunky old Freelancer armor. It's a hell of a lot sleeker than what she used to wear, that's for sure, and she looks pretty damned pleased about it.

But not just about the armor. York's grinning for an entirely new reason today. ]

Everybody settling in all right? Good, 'cause I've got some good news for the thirsty crowd. I just got myself a new job at a bar here in Zeta District, servin' drinks. And this weekend we've got an extended happy hour special goin' on, so if you're looking for a drink, then I highly suggest hauling your ass over to The Quad. I might even slip you a free drink for the trouble.

[ She actually winks, grinning and showing teeth. She tosses her hair out of her face with a quick shake of her head. ]

'Course, if you're more interested in the home security market, I'm still available for installs and upgrades. But I figured it was time to move on up in the job market. Besides, I mix one hell of a Dirty Shirley.
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mine are on the house, right?


[ look he's even smiling. york can you say no to that face. ]
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aw, come on. what about the employee discount?
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yeah, see. i know one of the employees. let her stay with me on this other station we were on, even.
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i-- hey! i have a job!

[ a menial one. with low pay. ]

and i'm not the one with all the money, either. what's with all the stuff?

[ meaning: the sudden influx of Things in the apartment that he sure as hell didn't buy. ]
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[ see that would work if she wasn't a shitty liar. ]

yeah, except you just got this job. come on, york, i know you.
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> video

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[ yes he really just switched to video to give you this face, york. ]
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[ yeah now he's just gonna roll his eyes. ]

Well yeah you look good, you look-- well, really good, and--

[ aaaaaaaand now he's actually thinking back to that video post and. yeah.

yeah. ]
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> text

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[ yeah he's gone and flipped off his because HAHA NO THIS IS JUST GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE.

...not that text is much better here. ]


that's not

i mean

i didn't mean it in a bad way!
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[ Wash had been on his way home anyway, but he takes his time getting there -- he's still not sure what had possessed him to say that, of all things, and he'd really rather not think about anything of the sort. No need to. Nope.

Course, any hope he had of York being out of the house is dashed when he does head inside, but the real cruelty of it is that York is still wearing the fucking armor.

Which means that he ends up standing in the doorway like a deer in headlights. ]


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[ See, he really wants to look away-- he does -- but she looks -- well, if she'd looked good over the holoscreen, she looks damn good in the flesh. It's been a long, long time since Wash has felt anything close to those particular urges, but as much as he tries to squash them down it's not as easy as he'd like. ]

Uh-- yeah. Got some new... stuff.
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[ Yeah, this isn't getting any easier. He has the decency to look away, at least, and though he knows he could just look down into the bag, there's no way he's going to admit to being that distracted. He can remember what he bought. He has a good memory.

One that is going to stick with him for a long whi-- fuck. ]

Just-- you know, things. For the apartment. That I had to get.

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