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Jun. 26th, 2013 10:03 pm
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There's a market for everything, right? I'm sure someone out there has just been waiting for this opportunity, and as your friendly neighborhood enterprising youth, I'm more than happy to provide! Ta-daaah!

[ the camera's showing a row of half a dozen jars, each containing some number of mameshiba, neatly sorted into species/breed/color/whatever. don't ask how long it took marco to herd them into the appropriate container, but he even remembered to poke holes in the lid, in case they needed air. they have noses, after all. of course, the holes are also letting out the wailing protests of the little bean-things, as well as occasional snippets of trivia from the ones more determined to exercise their natural urges. ]

Sooooo, make me an offer. Do you need inspiration for this week's trivia contest? Scientific curiosity? Starting your own talking bean-farm? Indulging in a new cuisine? I don't even care! Just let me know what you're interested in, and I'm sure we can make a deal.


Jun. 24th, 2013 10:39 pm
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[ Rachel's in the feed, looking a mixture of angry and upset and honestly, kind of grossed out. For once, she looks like she might lose her cool. Or might have lost it already. Either way, she's holding a grease-stained takeout box in her hand, her lip pulled back in disgust. ]

You know, it's bad enough that both of my roommates just up and disappeared. It's bad enough that I'm stuck in this crummy apartment all by myself, when the blue bitch in charge has just locked us into the neighborhood. But when my food starts talking to me? I'm so done, okay?

[ She opens the top of the takeout box to show to the omni-tool feed -- the indistinguishable heap of food in the box looks perfectly innocuous at first, until it starts...wriggling. And then a couple of black bean mameshiba pop their heads above the surface with a little whoosh of air. They stare at the camera with wet, quivering eyes for a long moment before one of them starts to speak in a tiny voice and heavily affected English. ]

Do you know? Most lipstick contains fish scales --

[ Rachel snaps the top of the box shut, and the mameshiba inside let out muffled cries of dismay. Never has a teenaged girl looked this angry over bad takeout. Seriously, if looks can kill... Well, at least Rachel's grizzly morph can.

Her nostrils flare, her jaw set tight, and oh yeah, she looks pissed. Pissed to cover up being scared and upset because she's alone, and the food is infested with weird little Japanimation beans, and she doesn't like it when the rug gets pulled out from under her. ]

It's been crap like that, nonstop. Creepy, disgusting trivia every time I open the stupid box. And it's all so weird! Who even knows this stuff?

[ Nerds, Rachel. Nerds know this stuff. And right now, that makes her so angry.

She leans forward, eyes narrowed, and pronounces with total, seething conviction: ]

This. Is. So. Gross.


Jun. 24th, 2013 07:26 am
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[The voice coming through the feed hasn't been heard much on the net, and sounds slightly flustered. In the background one could hear quite a loud chatter]

I know I'm still rather unfamiliar with the local species, but does anyone have any advice for dealing with these small, colored creatures? They are rather small and appear to resemble some sort of insect-vegetable hybrid.

They appear to be sentient so I'm hesitant to respond with violence, but they have swarmed the repair site I've been assigned and have made it nearly impossible to work.

I've managed to contain as many of them as I can, but I'm afraid their numbers make this a short term solution.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jun. 24th, 2013 09:35 am
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[ Hey, outsiders. It’s been a while. Maybe too long. Maybe Aria hasn’t been keeping as much of an eye on Zeta District as she should. Because while she’s been dealing with all the bullshit from Thessia, suddenly part of her station is infested by a bunch of creepy little animate beans. Sure, for now they’re in Zeta District, but how long before Aria starts getting trivia at dinnertime?

That’s just unacceptable. ]

So I hear you’ve got a pest problem down in Zeta District now. I don’t know what these things are or where they came from, but as long as they’re multiplying on my station, they’re a problem. A big one.

So I’m calling a quarantine. Whatever these things are, I don’t want them on the rest of my station. You got that? And that quarantine stays in effect until they’re gone. I don’t care how.

[ She smirks coldly, sitting back comfortably. ]

So if you enjoy venturing outside the neighborhood, I strongly suggest you get off your asses and do something about it.


Jun. 19th, 2013 04:22 pm
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[ You may recognize the old, battle-scarred krogan onscreen as Dun Davrax, the owner of The Quad, a krogan bar in Zeta District. He looks like a tough old son of a bitch, the kind you’d think twice about stepping to, but after a moment a grin breaks across his face, and if it’s possible for a krogan to look both threatening and goofy at the same time, Davrax has it down to an art. ]

Hell of a couple of weeks, am I right? Seems like you outsiders have really been handed the shit end of the stick, lately. Well, they say time heals all wounds, but in the meantime, how about something a little stronger?

[ Davrax’s visage onscreen is temporarily replaced with an ad for The Quad, including its location in Zeta District, boasting the fairest prices for strong booze in all of the district. ]

If you need to take a load off, come on down to The Quad and have a couple of drinks. We’ve got ryncol, we’ve got human vodka and whiskey, hell, we’ve even got dextro beer, and the good stuff, too. Unfortunately, we’re out of bar snacks for the week. Something got into the latest foodstuffs shipment...some kind of alien bug, I don’t know. Little fat wriggly things with weird faces. Looked like something from Earth, but the hell do I know about Earth bugs? Maybe one of you humans could identify it. Ryncol seemed to kill ‘em fast enough, though.

Anyway, we’re human-friendly, and we’re outsider-friendly, and I don’t think a whole lot of places are willing to come out and say that. To hell with ‘em, right? [ He laughs gruffly, slamming one huge, thick hand down on the bar. ] This week only, we’ve got an outsider special, too. Half-price ryncol shots for any outsider who can keep ‘em down!

[ He grins broadly, showing a long row of thick krogan teeth. ]

Things’ve been hostile on this station for you sorry lot, but I don’t really see the big fuss, especially in a dump like this. And with the jump in business later, I’m in need of a few new bouncers. So if any of you outsiders, human or otherwise, is looking for a job and you can pack a punch or two, let me know. Old Davrax has got something for you.

Mod note: If you’d like to have your character work for Davrax, you should respond ICly to this post, but you will still need to fill out a job request for your character.
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[An audio feed opens again, with a familiar synthetic voice leaking through. The tone was quite official. He may as well have been announcing a public statement for C-Sec.]

Fascinating what a little detective work will uncover. No, the shuttle was not destroyed by the refugees.

In fact, the perpetrator was produced from Omega itself. A batarian group that is rather fond of despising humans decided that obliterating the transport was appropriate for their cause.

More details were released onto the Extranet for the curious-minded.

[And the feed cuts.]

[Indeed, there's a packet of information filed with the message with the gathered information. The package is rather bulky - analyzing and cross-referencing and piecing together all the data from scans of an inconspicuous debris field led to quite the impressive wall of numbers. But sort through it (or perhaps simply scroll past), and the results are clear enough.]


Jun. 8th, 2013 03:38 pm
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[The voice that comes through is hesitant at first, but hardens quickly. She sounds strained, hoarse, and like she's struggling to stay alert.]

This is Agent Carolina.

[A pause.]

Sorry, I'm not familiar with this hardware--

[She draws in a sharp breath, as though startled by something.]

I'm--in need of medical attention. And I need to reach UNSC command. Any help directing me to the appropriate channels would be appreciated.

[Her closing sounds almost automatic.]

Carolina out.


Jun. 5th, 2013 11:34 am
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[ Hey look it's everybody's favorite bartender-slash-space aunt, except she doesn't look like her usual jovial self. In fact, an awful lot about her looks different, including the fact that the left side of her face is still recovering from some nasty grenade fire, and her left eye is a milky white all over. And it's only highlighted more by the fact that for once, she looks concerned and kind of worried. Kind of on edge, but she's playing it glib and casual, as much as she can. Wash has gone missing, picked up by CAT6 for interrogation, but all York knows is that she hasn't seen him in a few days. ]

Hey, if anybody's seen Wash, drop me a line, all right? Big guy, blue armor, lives with me in 619B. He hasn't been home for a couple of days and he's not answering my messages. Not exactly typical Wash behavior. So if you've seen him around or know where he's disappeared off to, let me know. I'll take any leads you got.


Jun. 5th, 2013 08:39 am
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There appears to be an inept, directionless investigation on the least fortunate and least powerful of the station.

Unsurprising. But also ineffective.

[The synthetic voice is direct and flat, with little care for affability.]

I am looking for individuals interested in finding the actual truth on the matter. Let's not have the incident be used to spur on this flimsy excuse for justice.

private to Joker )
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Gawds! What is with everybody lately?

[seemingly oblivious to the general mood of the place, Severa's decided to lodge a complaint with the network. she looks pretty much the same as usual. maybe a bit grumpier. it seems like she's missed the general message of "keep your head down". or she just doesn't care.]

It's not like we blew up that shuttle! We can't even figure out a way through the relay, never mind how we even got here in the first place. Some of us don't even know what half the words in that last sentence were! So why is everyone pinning the blame on us? Is it just because we're outsiders? Because I don't remember being asked to come to this spinning death rock.

[she makes a sharp noise of disgust.]

This is completely unfair.
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I think enough time for it all to sink in has passed that hopefully someone who knows this system can explain what exactly is going on for those of us from different universes and thus have never heard of Thessia or Reapers. Might help keep any misunderstandings due to such down if tensions keep building over this.

Especially as some of us are doubly handicapped in regards to being told anything by locals.

[If she sounds a bit worried through all of this it is easy to ignore or logic it as basic survival worry considering how people panicked when the news had first been breached.]

Also, there was a man named Dun who I haven't heard anything from in a while. Information on where he is or how to contact him again would be appreciated.


May. 20th, 2013 09:30 pm
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Not that I feel the need to get involved with whatever intergalactic drama is occurring, but damn is this place going to shit.
Like you arrive on this depreciating hunk of metal and think aw shit son no way can it get any crappier than this.
Then it does.
I can put up with a lot, but an unstable water supply and gun-happy goons can really get to a guy.
I mean I couldn't shower for days and that's just plain nasty.
I'm not usually into the whole community spirit thing, but if anyone needs something repaired, let me know.
If I'm going to be stuck here I might as well fix what I can.
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Missing: one teenage girl. 5'3, strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin. last seen around 48 hours ago, wearing green dress, boots, and a black jacket. subject may be hostile but unarmed. report sightings or location to this ID.

[ that's all he's putting on the network, because he's hoping - fuck, he really is - that someone's seen her. it seemed like everything was okay - awkward, but okay. but she hasn't been back to the apartment in two days and stiles has torn up and down omega looking for her. and then aria's announcement saying she was thinking of letting people get shot -

no, calm down, stiles. maybe she just got lost. hell, even kidnapped.

without a ransom?

he heads for the markets again. maybe there's someone who's seen lydia. maybe he'll find lydia again. but there's a dejected drop in his shoulders that says he's starting to lose hope. ]

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[With everything that has been going down over the last week, Haruto is not particularly thrilled. It doesn't help that he sort of considers himself Omega's unofficial protector at this point, what with all of the civilians he helped out during the fire and sealing everything off, despite not having his water magic.

Aria's message to the network had gotten a reaction out of him as well, though he knows better than to try and stand up to her directly. So he settles for addressing the network on his own, as he'd been meaning to for awhile anyway.

When the video starts, he looks the same as always, though a little more serious.]

Even though I don't fully understand what's going on, I know things have been getting worse lately. I heard about the attack that happened before I arrived. Then the assassinations, the fires, the creatures that were running rampant. Now, Omega's in an uproar over this latest news.

Big things are happening, but I want all of you to know that I'm going to do whatever I can to keep you safe. If you can't defend yourself, tell me. I will protect you. I don't know why I was brought here, but I'm making this my purpose. Let me be your hope.


May. 15th, 2013 04:15 pm
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[the face that comes into view on the network is not a happy one.

not that aria ever makes it a point to look happy with anything, but this, she's particularly displeased with.]
So. You're all just damn intent on whining about something, aren't you? Well, it hasn't gotten you anywhere before, and it sure as hell isn't going to get you anywhere now.

I get it. Thessia's fucked. It's a tragedy. But you know what? There isn't anything I can do about it. I need to be here, and all of you that have come to me, crying about how I need to do something? You can shut the fuck up. Or go work on the fucking relay.

Here's what's going to happen. First off, you're all going to calm. The fuck. Down. Including you new people out there. Don’t care? Fine by me. Otherwise, go watch a vid if you need a nice history lesson. And shut up.

Second. There are going to be some changes around here. All this mass hysteria? It stops. Right now. Security’s gonna get tight. If my people see someone acting out of line and feel like shooting them? They will. Call it as a nice little homage to anyone that gets any bright ideas about acting stupid.

You keep your head down, keep your nose out of anything involving Thessia and go about your own damn business. You do that, and there won't be any problems.

You don't? You’re not going to like the alternative.
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I seem to have lost track of Professor Solus. If anyone has information concerning his whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate an update. My thanks in advance.

[It's not like Mordin to just not be at the clinic, especially for an extended period of time. Kirrahe keeps his message short and to the point, but this has him pretty concerned.

((Open to action. Anyone kicking around the clinic can run into captain space frog, he's commandeered one of the receptionist's computers.))]
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If this magic works the way it was described, somebody should be able to hear me right now. [though the voice of the young lady that's coming through sounds incredibly skeptical about this entire endeavor.] If you can, and you can actually understand me, I want you to tell me whether 8,000 "creds" is a lot of money around here, and what I can do to get it. I can't believe your merchants don't take something as simple as gold for war supplies.

[there's ambient noise for a while, and some confused sounds from somebody who has obviously never seen, much less used, an omni-tool before. eventually she groans in exasperation.]

My sword's been stolen from me and you expect me to do repairs to survive. This is entirely unacceptable.
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I'm sure most of you have noticed that Zeta District has taken quite some damage from that disgusting act of arson the other day. While we're fortunate that there were not many casualties, we can't just leave things be as they are.

This Saturday there will be an organized clean-up for the district. We're looking for volunteers, anyone who can work and is willing to take orders are requested to attend. Specifically, we're looking for people to carry out the following activities:

[Insert explanation here.]

If you feel that you do not have the time to contribute, you may instead leave a small donation of clothes, food and other necessities for the victims of the fire who lost their homes and belongings.

As a community, we should we look out for our fellow residents to make our district a better place to live in. I strongly urge all of you to provide some assistance, be it in terms of donations or work, and show some support this coming Saturday.

[Filtered to those in the neighbourhood guard, hackable.]

I expect all of you to be there this Saturday, not only to engage in the clean-up. Those underhanded mercenaries are sniffing around these days. It would not surprise me if they scheduled an appearance to impede the event. We must be vigilant and ensure that we keep our guard up at all times.

((OOC: As stated in the OOC post, there's a clean-up being planned for this Saturday! Mercenaries will also be appearing to cause trouble as well.))
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[so you haven't seen much of this guy recently, omega. mostly because there's been a bunch of shit happening that he doesn't want to deal with - and partly because if he does get involved in it, he might break something.

best to keep to himself until it all died down, and now that it has, he's about to spring something on you all that will blow. your. mind.

or it might just give you a reason to leave the station if you want to. whatever the case, once he peers into his omni-tool, he's grinning like the fool most people tend to think he is.]
Sooo .. how about that whole mess with the pyjaks and the varren? Crazy stuff, huh? I bet you're all thinking 'oh jesus, not this guy again' but I'll have you know - thank you very much - that I'm about to tell you something that will lighten up your otherwise dreary lives.

That's right.

Most of you have been operating under the assumption that you can't leave the station. Most of you probably don't have the credits to board passage on some ship passing through just to get to the neighboring systems, and I about to tell you that that's all about to change.

Can I get a drumroll, please?

[silence.] No? Okay, whatever. Movin' on.

Since the last time I talked to any of you guys, I've managed to get my hands on a shuttle. It's not the Normandy by any means - but she'll do for the purposes I have planned for her. [he clears his throat rather dramatically.] Can I get a drumroll now?

.. Jeez, you people don't know how to humor a guy, do you? Anyway, I'm starting up a sort of taxi service. If any of you out there have need to leave the station and don't have a whole lot of credits, don't worry, I'm not charging you an arm and a leg to get where you need to go. I .. actually haven't quite worked all that out yet, but it's gonna have a lot to do with distance plus fuel use and you know the drill.

What I'm getting at here is if you've got somewhere you need to go, come see me. I'll pretty much be on-call if you don't see me at the docking bay. Just bring up that handy omni-tool and ping me.

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Apr. 23rd, 2013 12:41 am
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[ Attached to the post is a slightly blurry photograph of a pyjak wearing a harness made out of cable ties, and a dogtag around its neck reads 'JOEY RAMOAN'. ]


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